In the last 4 months I have been looking for a way to shift my carb-based diet to one that is keto based.

Simultaneously I have been researching the best workout supplements that can fit into a keto friendly lifestyle. My goal is to cut my carbohydrate consumption down to under 20 grams/day. Then I want to increase my healthy fat consumption while managing a moderate protein consumption. This is, of course, the definition of a keto based diet.

I wanted to narrow the field of supplements with an emphasis on keto friendly, purity, quality, and efficiency. With these parameters as my guide, I knew I could navigate the world of sports nutrition. The 5 best workout supplements surfaced as I took the time to define my performance goals.




















I often would rely on carb loading to achieve the stamina, strength, and endurance I needed to push the envelope. I quickly realized that none of these goals were achieved and instead what I wanted was to find:

  • The best supplement for muscle growth 
  • Pre-workout nutrients that would quickly be assimilated (less than 20 minutes)
  • Post-workout rapid recovery nutrition

data-pin-description=”The 5 best workout supplements that I found to compliment my keto friendly diet did not magically appear. Initially, I cursed my desire to move towards a keto friendly diet. Yuk! Now I am grateful for my research and the keto-friendly foods I have grown to love."

Here are the 5 best workout supplements that I choose to use:

MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern) – These are pure organic plant based essential amino acids. Besides being the best essential amino acid supplements they are also the best supplement for muscle growth that I have ever experienced. There are a few bullet points on this e-commerce webpage for your personal evaluation.

Beet powder mix – This is a simple beet powder formula that you will rehydrate with pure water to raise the nitric oxide levels in your body. Research indicates that nitric oxide can improve lung function, increase blood flow and strengthen muscle contraction.

Astaxanthin – The anti-oxidants of this unusual algae derived supplement help to reduce pain and inflammation. It provides an excellent recovery from exercise and enhances energy levels.

MVP Sport – The number of ingredients within this Vegan based recovery drink would make your head spin but they sure make for an excellent post-workout beverage. This organic blend includes herbs, such as Tumeric, Maca, and Chaga mushrooms to target joints for extra support. It is also packed with 32 grams of 3 different profiles of protein from peas, pumpkin, and brown rice all of which support muscle building recovery without the calories.

Soulera – This is liquid nutrition filled with adaptogens. Adaptogens support the self-regulating capabilities of your body. The net positive outcome is increased stamina and endurance. Adaptogens became famous in the 80’s when the Russian athletes were out-performing all other athletes at the Olympics.


I must say that getting my sport nutrition figured out was the best thing I could have ever done. My workouts are the better than ever and I leave the gym feeling on top of my game. There are a few sources as always for all of these products but allow me to direct you to a few sources that I prefer. Simply follow the links provided in this article to gather more information for yourself.

If you are looking for a Lifestyle Transformation to reset, revitalize, and restore your health I would recommend a group of products from the Purium company in California. The Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation is the program to which I refer.