Do you remember your last trip to your local gym and the many colorful shakers filled with luminous protein powders? Did you ever ask yourself which of these elixirs were the best supplement for muscle growth? Or which might be the best workout supplements for men or women? NO?

The truth be known, I was so involved with my own workouts that I did not stop to ask those questions either. However, one day I did read a few clinical papers that refuted the idea that BCAA supplements would build muscle. I then began researching the most effective test to determine the quality of a dietary or supplemental protein. I know now that the Nitrogen Balance test can explicitly determine the effectiveness of a protein.

Why is this so important?

I love efficiency. I love things that work. And I don’t like being fooled or hyped by heavily marketed whey protein powders and other chemically filled protein drinks. The protein drinks provide at best 17% bio-available protein and use the catabolic pathway in your body. The catabolic pathway is wholly inefficient with its requirement for digestion, waste removal, and energy output.

It is the anabolic pathway that is more efficient for toning, building muscle and weight control. The anabolic pathway does not require massive amounts of energy to process the removal of waste.























The BCAA myth that has been perpetuated over the last 35 years is even more stark in contrast to the truth. If you would like to evaluate this for yourself go to, The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and read about how the studies were conducted to support the marketing of BCAAs.

Amino acids, of course, have been used by athletes for years. So why are amino acids the best workout supplements for both men and women? Is there such a thing?






















The truth is that there are specific ratios, sequence and volume of the 8 essential amino acids required by the human body that have been discovered. It turns out that every specie on the planet has specific requirements for protein in the form of essential amino acids. A perfect balance of these amino acids must exist in order to support protein synthesis. The clinical research was conducted by Dr. Moretti, founder of the International Nutrition Research Center (INRC), well over 30 years ago.

Dr. Moretti was able to discover through his research that a pre-digested form of plant based amino acids in specific ratios to each other would become the best supplement for muscle growth among many other benefits. The product known as the Master Amino Acid Pattern was born.


data-pin-description=”Learn about a vegan protein that is the best supplement for muscle growth! This is a plant based protein that will tone and build muscle while helping you to manage weight.”

MAP (The Master Amino Acid Pattern) provides 99+% bio-available protein using the anabolic pathway in the human body. It is the proportion and the sequence of these amino acids that are so important. There is no waste, no digestion required, and no energy required to metabolize this clinically sound nutrition. It is an organically derived supplement for muscle growth that increases stamina, strength, and endurance.

Whether you want to build muscle mass, lose weight, or simply complement a healthy lifestyle you may want to test drive the best essential amino acid supplement in the marketplace.

I promise that you will feel your performance levels increase and tell others about what you have discovered. I am so grateful to have discovered MAP as a protein supplement and I strongly encourage you to get some for yourself.