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Ecotools On-the-go Style Kit - Case Of 2 - Ct

Ecotools On-the-go Style Kit - Case Of 2 - Ct
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  • Model: IDXHG2298123
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  • UPC: 079625016130
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Ecotools on-the-go style kit contains four lightweight travel brushes and three beauty look cards in a dual-pocket cosmetic case that keeps the brushes handy and clean for touch-ups at a moment's notice. Cover blemishes with the complexion blending brush, smooth everything out with the multitasking brush, shade your smoky bedroom eyes with the micro crease brush, and define your style with the angled liner. This package includes one on-the-go style kit.
country of origin : united states
is vegan : yes
size : ct
pack of : 2
selling unit : case
keywords : facial;makeup;self-care;travel

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